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Kevin Durant, Degree Deodorant, Agree To Donate $1 Million To 10 Organizations To Promote Social Justice

(via Forbes)

(via Forbes)

Since the death of George Floyd, many stars have stepped up to offer their support and resources to the Black Lives Matter movement. Kevin Durant became the latest to add their name to the list after he announced his intentions to donate $1 million to 10 organizations in the name of social justice and racial equality.

He partnered with Degree in this project, and they will help 10 organization with $1 million total. Their donation has been just one of many in recent weeks.

The Black Lives Matter movement has never been stronger and as folks show their desire for change, people all around the country -- and the world -- are joining the cause for the sake of stomping out racism and creating an America in which people of any shape, size, and color can succeed.

Now is the time to make these changes and stars have not failed to seize the opportunity. Good on Durant to show his support, and here's to hoping more follow his lead.