Kevin Durant Engages In Heated Exchange With Comedian Anthony Isaacs On Twitter

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant isn't a player you want to mess with. The Brooklyn Nets star has shown over and over again that he's not taking anything from anybody, even less from trolls on social media. He hasn't made his debut with the Nets yet but he's all about his team right now, defending them whenever someone tries to shade them.

On Sunday afternoon, Durant, a well-known diehard fan of the Washington Football Team (formerly known as Washington Redskins) of the NFL, took to Twitter to praise his team while bashing the Dallas Cowboys, their biggest rivals in the league. That's when Anthony Isaacs, a comedian with over 300K followers on Twitter, tried to troll KD and his Nets, claiming that the Knicks were a better team than them.

Well, he shouldn't have done that because KD went with everything after him, writing that any other comedian was better than Isaacs.

Isaacs: “The Knicks >>>>> the Nets”.Durant: “Any comedian >>>>>> you”.

In the end, Isaacs replied with "Damn you got me," to give the 'victory' to KD in this Twitter exchange.

KD is well known for clapping back at whoever tries to put him down on social media or real life. Not long ago he was involved in another Twitter battle with former NFL player Jay Richardson, who was criticizing the two-time NBA champion for joining the Golden State Warriors after they beat him the prior season.

Well, people seem to enjoy going after KD, even though he will find a way to fire back at you and make you reconsider your decision.