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Kevin Durant Explains His Thoughts About Mid-Range Shots In Current Basketball

Credit: USA Today Sports

Credit: USA Today Sports

It’s not a secret that the game of basketball is changing, with players focusing on shooting 3-pointers more than anything else. Given all these changes, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that mid-range shots are getting less importance for players.

Well, that’s what Kevin Durant thinks, at least, as he engaged in a little debate on Twitter about mid-range shot selection. According to KD, mid-ranges are inefficient because guys don't practice them, and it makes them worse.

He discussed this topic on Tuesday morning with NBA writer Matt Moore, explaining that several players opt to shoot 3-pointers or force bad finishes at the rim instead of shooting a midrange. Curiously, when Moore tried to show KD some graphics of how players continue to shoot these types of shots, the Brooklyn Nets star responded the way he knows.

“Who the fuck wants to look at graphs while having a hoop convo?” KD said.

One would imagine it’s hard to see the game through graphics when you see what happens on the court every single night. Basketball can be seen from different points of views and this exchange was a big proof of that. However, many people would take Durant’s side in this discussion.