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Kevin Durant Explains Why He Will Wear No. 7 With Brooklyn Nets

Credit: Statline

Credit: Statline

Kevin Durant is about to start a new era in his life and career with the Brooklyn Nets, the team he picked as his new home one week ago at the beginning of the NBA free agency. Although KD will likely miss the entire 2019/20 NBA season, people are hyped to see him playing at the Barclays Center, no matter how much they have to wait for it.

Even though he’s not expected to be playing next campaign, Durant is still making headlines and announcing important things regarding his present, and future with the organization. As he’s entering a new chapter in the NBA with the Nets, KD wants to do so the proper way, and he announced he will be wearing a new number with Brooklyn.

He wore the number 35 throughout his career in honor of his former AAU coach Charles Craig, who was murdered at the age of 35 several, according to a report Chip Brown of the Dallas Morning News (Wayback Machine archive) wrote back in 2006.

Now, 13 years after that report saw the light, KD is changing his number from 35 to 7. He issued a statement on why he made the decision on 35 Ventures’ Twitter account.

Albeit many would think this was a random move for the forward, according to his agent, Rich Kleiman, Durant announced he's wearing No. 7 on 7/7 at 7 PM EST. Perhaps this decision might be easy for other players, but it looks like Durant thought about this very well, demonstrating that the 7 is not just a meaningless digit for him.