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Kevin Durant Explains Why The Nets' Chances To Win The Title Are High: “The Trust Is Already There, The Familiarity With Each Other Is There Already. We Know Each Other’s Games From The Last Decade."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets finally won their first game with their Big 3 on the field last Saturday. They beat the Miami Heat behind Kyrie Irving's 28 points, including 18 in the last quarter, to get James Harden, Kevin Durant and Irving their first win together.

Although Bam Adebayo had a magical night, scoring 41 points, Kyrie stepped up and gave the victory to his team. They still need to improve their defense, and even though they have been linked with JaVale McGee to help them fix some of their problems, they have more job to do before finding success in the league. Kevin Durant is confident they can get the job done this season, although there are more things to do.

Durantula is expected to lead this team to the promised land and he's ready to do so alongside Harden and Irving. He recently talked about the advantages of his team, explaining that they already have a big important factor in their favor in their pursuit of success: trust in each other.

“The trust is already there,” Durant said, via Alex Schiffer of The Athletic. “The familiarity with each other is there already. We know each other’s games from the last decade. It’s just a matter of what plays we’re going to run at certain times, what lineups we’re going to have out there. I think both the coaches and the players are fine-tuning everything. We’re going to have spurts where we play inconsistent just because we try things, but for the most part, our minds and our hearts are in the right place when we’re out there. We try to take care of business every possession.”

KD has big expectations for this season and even though the Nets struggle on the defensive end of the ball, they can make some noise in the Eastern Conference. Steve Nash recently asked the team to be more aggressive and fight more on defense; if they can do that, this squad is ready to make some good things this campaign.