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Kevin Durant Exposes Colin Cowherd For Embarrassing Take During 2007 Draft: "Can I Take A Victory Lap?"

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant doesn't have to defend his career. After 14 successful seasons in the NBA, his resume speaks for itself at this point.

Still, the 2x champion often finds it necessary to expose the doubters for himself, even if they happen to be a world-famous sports broadcaster.

On Twitter this week, KD went viral for exposing an old take from Colin Cowherd, who went off on Durant before Draft day in 2007.

"Players were rated on how many times they can bench press 185 pounds," said Cowherd. "That is important. Even though it's not as important as in the NFL. The NBA season is long, your durability and your core strength is really important. Only one player in the pre-draft camp was unable to bench 185 pounds, Kevin Durant. Come on, that is brutal. Greg Oden is faster than Durant in the 3/4 court sprint, he is quicker than Durant in the lane, agility drill and has better numbers in the running and standing vertical jump. Oh, it's not even close. The big guy has a much better body and is faster and quicker and more agile than the wing guy? Draft over. Portland's taking Greg Oden."

"He can't bench 185 pounds. One guy couldn't bench a buck 85... You're telling me I can draft just another wing guy, he's got Antonio McDyess written all over him. He'll be a good player, but he's just a wing guy."

Durant quickly called out Colin for the take, one of his many interactions with the talk show host.

To give Cowherd some credit, it's never easy to predict the future of an unproven NBA prospect. For Durant especially, nobody knew just how good the guy would become.

But after everything KD has accomplished, he deserves to show off his success and answer all those who questioned his potential. We have yet to hear anything from Colin, but this is one take that he probably wishes he could forget.