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Kevin Durant Fined For Cursing At Heckling Fan On Sunday Night’s Game


Anger mismanagement can prove to be costly in today’s NBA.

Kevin Durant is finding that out the hard way, whether he actually cares or not.

During Sunday night’s match against the Mavericks, Durant yelled at a trash-talking fan to “watch the f****** game and shut the f*** up.”

You probably already know about it, because the clip caught fire online, gathering the attention of KD haters everywhere.

Even more to their delight, is the news that the league has decided to hand down punishment on the Golden State forward. For his actions in Dallas, the NBA slapped a $25,000 fine on Kevin Durant, as reported by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

Question is, was the fine justified?

The community is a bit divided over the matter. Some say players should be able to talk back if a fan is trash talking them on the sidelines. Other say players have to be controlled in that regard, and limit what actually comes out of their mouth in these scenarios.

Its really is a hard thing to decide, but Durant probably isn’t concerned anyway. As we’re noticing the pattern, the behavior only gets more extreme with each passing moment of his time in Golden State.

Besides, $25,000 isn’t a whole lot for him anyway.