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Kevin Durant Fires Back After Steve Kerr Said It Was Difficult Coaching During His Final Season: "That Last Year Was Tough."

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

The Golden State Warriors haven't had the easiest run over the last two seasons. Without several of their core players, the Dubs have hit a firewall of difficulty, and they're struggling to stay competitive in the West.

At the center of these struggles is Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, who is trying his hardest to make the best of their current situation.

Still, in a chat with the media, Kerr bizarrely stated that last season (when the Dubs went 15-50) was somehow easier than the 2018-19 campaign -- Kevin Durant's last season with the team. Here's the quote, originally shared by The Ringer's Logan Murdock.

It raised a lot of eyebrows within the NBA community, including those of Kevin Durant, who fired back on Twitter.

Technically, Kerr didn't call Durant out by name, but it's no coincidence that season just happened to be Durant's last.

It's also well-known that the 2018-19 season was full of locker-room drama and infighting amongst the players, namely between Durant and Draymond Green.

Interestingly enough, Warriors GM Bob Meyers referenced similar strife in regards to the 2018 title...

Apparently, there was much more going on there than we thought. But, hey, that's all in the past now.

As Durant aims to win a title with the Nets, the Warriors are still scrambling to solidify their playoff spot. They've both come a long way since that dynamic era.