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Kevin Durant Flipped Plays So Steph Curry Could Get The Ball


Steph was in one of those grooves last night, knocking 11 threes en route to a 48 point performance in a win over Dallas.

Monday morning, the story isn't so much Step's performance as it is what had to happen for him to get it. In a post-game chat with the media, Steve Kerr opened up about the game and revealed what sacrifice was made in light of Steph's big night.

According to Kerr, Durant changed plays designed to get him an open look so that they could feed Steph, who had the obvious hot hand. True, it's not a groundbreaking strategy by any means, but it is a selfless move nonetheless.

And these days, when the dynamic of the Warriors has been threatened daily, it's important for them to be displaying signs of unity and sacrifice. So much has been made of what people think is Kevin Durant's departure from the Warriors, but to have a teammate like Steph (one you can flip plays for) is a truly rare experience.

The Warriors play their next game on Tuesday in Denver, where the #1 seeded Nuggets will be waiting to test their metal. The winner will be taking home the top spot in the West. And for the Warriors to still have a chance at that placement, despite all the uncharacteristic drama unfolding all season for them, proves they're still just as strong as ever.