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Kevin Durant Furthers Speculation About Him And Kyrie Irving Talking About A Potential Return: “I’d Rather Keep Those Conversations In House Though.”

Kevin Durant Furthers Speculation Over Him And Kyrie Irving Talking About A Potential Return: “I’d Rather Keep Those Conversations In House Though.”

Kyrie Irving's name has been in the news quite a bit lately. The Brooklyn Nets point guard is rumored to be more likely to return this season, after initially being sidelined by the team for not getting vaccinated, and thus being ineligible to play home games for the franchise.

Recently, there has been more optimism within the Nets organization over Kyrie possibly playing this season. This has caused Nets fans to become very excited, as Irving's return will propel the Nets back to championship favorites status. As you can read here, there are three possible ways Kyrie Irving can play this season.

In the report by Shams Charania, there was also a suggestion that Kyrie and Kevin Durant have increased communication recently, and have discussed Irving's fit within the team. These reports were believable, given that Irving and Durant are very close friends, and Irving was the reason Durant joined the Nets in 2019.

And Durant has responded to the reports of his increased communication with Kyrie. He said that he and Kyrie are very close, and he speaks with him about a lot of things. But when it comes to a return, Durant said that he would like to keep the nature of the conversations private.

“Well see, I don’t know. I mean of course Kyrie’s my brother. You know we talk about everything. I’d rather keep those conversations in house though.”

Via: ClutchPoints

Clearly, KD doesn't want to divulge any information prematurely. Any road that brings Irving back to the Nets has a lot of obstacles. And before those obstacles can be cleared, there is no point in assuming that Irving will be featuring for the Nets this season.

Irving is apparently more open to getting vaccinated, but with a plant-based vaccine that is still going through clinical trials. Regardless of the vaccine, Irving needs to be fully vaccinated before he can play for the Nets this season. But all hope is far from lost, and if anything, there is more hope now than there was even a few weeks ago.