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Kevin Durant Gets Into Another War Of Words With Instagram User


Kevin Durant has engaged in many arguments on social media, always towards hatred from his move to the Warriors. Last year, he was caught using fake accounts responding to Twitter and Instagram users.

He talks in third person on his official account, as if it isn’t actually him. He didn’t realise he was commenting as his main Twitter account. However, this time he responded to a direct message from Basilio Reyes through an Instagram direct message saying:

“KD, how you sleep at nights knowing you ruined the league and your 3 rings mean nothing??? Must be tuff.”

This discussion was different from the usual dispute between NBA fans, not resulting in any insults, and ended up being a civil conversation. The ‘LeBron Insider’ Basilio Reyes calls out KD’s move to the Warriors, criticizing him multiple times and trying to get a triggered response from KD, but Durant stayed quite calm.

Nothing much in this argument, both stating their opinion on KD's move to Golden State. Many fans are frustrated with his move years ago, but, it seems as though Durant doesn’t take the hate personal anymore two years removed from his decision.