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Kevin Durant Gets Into With Reporter On Twitter


When Kevin Durant announced that he was not going to visit the White House, it came with the expected amount of scrutiny.

Standing one one of the biggest platforms in the country, Kevin Durant can send strong and powerful messages to fans. His choice not to visit President Trump sent out a message of protest and rejection to the current American way.

So when former NBA reporter Britt McHenry called out KD on his controversial decision, he didn't hold back on his response:

In response, McHenry made a few valid points in her statement to KD.

"Ok let's discuss how a successful man such as yourself can show unity meeting w/ WH just 20 minutes from PG County. Your presence can inspire."

In a deleted tweet, KD responded with this:

"By doing the opposite, I am inspiring more people."

Both sides made valid arguments, and it's hard to disagree with them. But one important thing that cannot be disputed is KD's impact on the young generation. His actions can inspire thousands around the globe.

With an impact like that, it's important for you to make the right choices. Did KD send the right message here, or should he have just sucked it up and made the White House visit?