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Kevin Durant Gives The Details Behind His Heartbreaking Achilles Injury

Kevin Durant

(via Newsweek)

Kevin Durant's much-anticipated return to the court was crushed soon-after, as he was witnessed suffering yet another injury just minutes after taking the floor. Almost immediately, people knew this one was different.

Unlike the "calf strain" that kept him out for a chunk of the 2019 playoffs, his injury in Game 5 of the Finals would be the end of his season -- for good.

In hindsight, many are saying the injury was preventable, that the Warriors pushed Durant for a return before he was ready. But in a reveal by Durant himself on The Players' Tribune, it was something that just kind of came out of nowhere.

Checked every box before the game, did my whole routine. I was in it, my J feelin' nice, I'm hitting straight bottom. I'm pulling up on the break. I felt like I was back at the park, step back real hard & then it was like boom. It was like a pop. It felt like I was walking downhill.

Before Durant went down, he was lighting it up. He had 11 points in 12 minutes, making all of his 3-point attempts, and would have made a difference in the series. But following the devastating news, the Warriors were unable to overcome the odds, and everyone was looking for someone to blame.

But sometimes, bad things happen for no good reason -- Durant and the Warriors were just victims of that unfortunate reality this past summer.