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Kevin Durant Goes Off On The Media About Free Agency Rumors

Kevin Durant

As usual, the NBA season is bringing a firestorm of rumors, reports, and speculation regarding a wide array of players and teams.

Kevin Durant has been a major staple in the center of it all, and he's getting pretty sick of it.

In a rant to the media, Durant let loose on all the hype and drama that people have created about his future with the Warriors and his upcoming decision this July.

"Every time I say something it gets twisted up and thrown out, and so many different publications try to tear me down with my words that I say. So when I don't say nothing, it's a problem. I just wanna play ball, I wanna go to the gym and go home, is that a problem? Alright then."

The seasons leading to free-agency can be a hard time for players. With their future so uncertain, anything they say can be twisted to fit some narrative or agenda constructed by the media.

The trade deadline can do the same thing, especially because a player has no real control over the situation.

Nevertheless, things aren't expected to slow down. KD's decision this summer can change a whole lot in the NBA world, and as people look for hints as to where he might be going, some toes may be stepped on along the way.