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Kevin Durant Height Officially Listed At 6'10"

Finally Kevin Durant Height Officially Listed At 6'10"

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the NBA involves Kevin Durant and his height. In the past, KD stated he had different heights, even admitting he lied when he was on the court and when he was around women.

Well, it looks like the mystery is finally resolved as the Brooklyn Nets have officially listed KD as 6’10”. The NBA recently asked teams to be transparent with the height of their players, and with that in mind, we can say Durant’s official height has been finally revealed.

This was always curious to see, with the 2x NBA champion claiming he was 6’9 or any other height, but he seemed to be as tall or taller than DeMarcus Cousins in some pictures. Now we finally know why was that.

The other big name the Nets landed this summer, Kyrie Irving, was listed at 6’2 by the organization, while in past seasons he appeared listed at 6’3.

Durant and Kyrie are set to take the Nets to win the title once Durantula returns from his injury. In the meantime, Irving has to carry the team to compete for big things. The Nets had quite an entertaining offseason, hoping to see these guys take them to the promised land.