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Kevin Durant: 'If Healthy, I Probably Wouldn't Have Played In Orlando'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Some NBA fans, especially from the Brooklyn Nets, were hopeful to see Kevin Durant returning to the court after one year of inactivity following his ACL injury during the 2019 NBA Finals. At the time, Durant was still part of the Golden State Warriors, which marked the last time we saw him on an NBA court.

With the NBA hiatus, some fans started to believe he could return this season with the Nets, but KD decided to wait until next season, as he initially stated. He's trying to finish his rehab and won't rush anything. Moreover, he recently revealed that even if he was healthy, he probably wouldn't have gone to Orlando due to the COVID-19 cases.

Talking with Dawg Talk, Durant explained how complex that situation would've been for him.

"I feel, me right now, I probably wouldn't have played because the unknown going into that situation looks crazy right now, seeing so many new cases"

"It's just so unpredictable. It's easy for me to say right now because I'm injured, but I probably wouldn't have went down there (to Orlando)."

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He actually got infected with coronavirus during the NBA shutdown so he must know better than anybody all the risks of that disease.

Next season he will have a better chance to compete in the East once he's fully recovered and has his wingman, Kyrie Irving, healthy as well. The Nets will be one of the favorites in the conference and they'll need all their pieces together to compete against the Bucks, Celtics and Sixers.

Right now, Durant prefers to continue his rehab and come back better than ever next campaign.