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Kevin Durant Is Evidently Pissed Off At Charles Barkley Because Of Kyrie Irving

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant returned to action on Tuesday night against his former team, the Golden State Warriors. The Brooklyn Nets earned a blowout victory, 125-99, over Stephen Curry and co. to start the 2020/21 season the best way. KD and Kyrie Irving put up a show, scoring 22 and 26 points, respectively, to give their team the first win of the campaign.

Durant was happy to be back on the court, but he wasn't so happy to talk with certain people. Before the start of the game, he greeted his former teammate Stephen Curry, giving him a fraternal hug and even joking about his hairstyle. After the game was finished, though, we saw the other side of Durant when he had to talk with Charles Barkley, demonstrating that he's not happy with the treatment he and Kyrie Irving have received from Chuck.

Barkley and KD starred in one of the most uncomfortable moments of the night when Chuck asked about KD's game.

"You've just been working on your game, trynna get back to that conditioning, to be honest, correct?" Chuck asked.

"Yeah," Durant replied, prompting the "Inside the NBA" crew to roast Barkley for getting such a short answer.

Barkley then admitted that this can be a reaction after he talked about Kyrie Irving, taking shots at Durantula's teammate. Recently, Chuck told Kyrie he should "stop acting like the smartest person in the world," something that obviously didn't sit well with the point guard and his teammate.

If that wasn't enough, before that, Barkley had made some bold statements about KD, calling him the "bus rider" in Golden State, not the bus driver. The 2014 NBA MVP has plenty of reasons to be mad at Chuck and that really showed on Tuesday night.

The Nets are entering a season when they have a lot of expectations around them. KD is focusing on the good things now, not paying attention to what everybody says. He gave Barkley an answer to his question and one word is all he'll be getting from the 2x Finals MVP this season.