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Kevin Durant Isn't Recruiting Free Agents For The Nets This Offseason

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The Brooklyn Nets are nothing but a mess right now. The way their season started and ended is exactly how the offseason has kicked off for the Brooklynites. Once again, Kyrie Irving is making noise around the league for the wrong reasons. Earlier this week a report suggested that Irving and the Nets had an 'impasse' that opened the door for a move away from the team

While everybody talks about Kyrie and the potential trades the Nets could make to ship him somewhere else, it seems like people are forgetting about Kevin Durant. The 2x NBA champion has been as polite as possible about this situation, but he's reportedly set to have a say in Kyrie's future with the team.

It seems like things aren't going well between Durant and his team, as Kendrick Perkins recently claimed, as the talented scorer is rumored to be on a different page than his squad. 

Moreover, Adrian Wojnarowski fuels these rumors by saying that KD hasn't recruited any free agent for the Nets this offseason. Contrary to what happened in prior seasons, the forward has taken a different approach this summer.

“In previous offseasons, rival agents and players would tell you of Durant’s eagerness in talking to potential free agents,” Wojnarowski wrote. “So far, that hasn’t been the case with him, sources say. Outside of [Kyrie] Irving, the Nets’ most important free agent is guard Patty Mills, who still hasn’t decided on whether to exercise his $7.2 million player option. Around the Irving drama, the Nets’ environment has made it harder to keep and court role players, sources say.”

The Nets are in a complex position right now. They could lose not one but two superstars this offseason and never made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Irving and Durant are two of the most polarizing players in the league and together, they've been very controversial in Brooklyn. 

This is a big job for the team's front office. Things aren't looking that promising for them and rival teams believe that if Kyrie leaves, Durant would be out too.