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Kevin Durant Jokes That He’s A Better Shooter Than Stephen Curry

(via The San Francisco Examiner)

(via The San Francisco Examiner)

Kevin Durant may not be Steph's teammate anymore, but he is still going to take it upon himself to throw a jab at him every now and then -- just for old times sake.

The latest jab comes from a comment Durant told Toronto's Serge Ibaka on his infamous cooking show.

“Steph is the best shooter. Klay when he gets hot, I’ve never seen anybody get that hot before. But Steph is the best shooter. He shoots so pretty and it’s so effortless,” he said in a video posted by Chris Montano on Twitter.

“I’m probably like 1A and Steph is like 1A-2. I’m a little bit above Steph. He’s just like a tiny bit under me."

In his last season as a Warrior, Durant tallied 26 points per game on .521 from the field and .353 from three. Curry, on the other hand, dialed in .441 of his field goals and shot .377 from beyond the arc, while averaging 28.2 points per game last year.

Statistically, the stats prove KD wrong. In terms of shooting from beyond the arc, Steph has him beat. Without Durant and Iguodala on his team, Steph will likely increase those numbers this season as the Warriors make another push for the NBA Finals.

Durant, meanwhile, will have to wait at least a few more months before he can back up his words on the court. He is rehabbing from a torn Achilles and is expected to be out for most of the upcoming season.