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Kevin Durant Lauds Stephen Curry For Game 4 Performance Against Celtics: "That Game Right There Was Just Like This Is One Of The Greatest We've Ever Seen."

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Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are both players that are Golden State Warriors legends. There is no doubt that they are also both all-time greats, and it is insane to think about the fact that they were once on the same team.

Stephen Curry led the Warriors to the championship this year, and there's no doubt that he had some amazing performances in the Finals this year. The most notable of his Finals performances was in Game 4, where he put up 43 points and 10 rebounds. The game was a turning point for the Warriors, as they avoided going down 3-1 and ended up winning three straight to win the series. Kevin Durant has recently lauded Stephen Curry for that performance, claiming Game 4 showed that Stephen Curry is "one of the greatest we've ever seen".

Game 4 was iconic to me. It was much more than just the win. That game right there was just like this is one of the greatest we've ever seen. In that environment and the shots he was making. It was the rebounds though, it was the rebounds for me. Playing with Steph, that's how I know he super super engaged, when he's on the boards heavy. Coming over somebody's back grabbing... It was like "yo, he really wants this".... It was kind of fun being engaged with that game, and he made it fun for everybody just the shots he was making and the way he led them.

There is no doubt that Stephen Curry is one of the greatest point guards ever, and many believe that he is now a top-10 player of all time after winning his first Finals MVP award and his fourth championship.

Hopefully, we see Kevin Durant also win more championships in the future, and there's no doubt that he's also an all-time legend like Stephen Curry. He will have to add more to be viewed as someone with a top-10 all-time case though, and we'll see if that happens in the future.