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Kevin Durant Likes IG Post Of James Harden Wanting A Trade To Philadelphia 76ers

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James Harden is expected to be on the move today after several days full of rumors regarding the future of the Brooklyn Nets superstar. The Beard is said to be tired of being the main guy in Brooklyn, which was the reason why he left the Houston Rockets last year. 

A lot has been said about this in the past couple of weeks, and earlier today, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the player wants out of the Nets, but it's afraid to request a trade. The public backlash of a second trade request is something that Harden doesn't want to deal with and he's hoping that Sixers and Nets can complete a deal before the deadline strikes. 

This news made a lot of noise around the league, and even Harden teammates are aware of the claims. Kevin Durant took to Instagram and liked a post reporting that Harden wants to leave the Nets but won't officially request a trade.


Some say Durant forgot to switch accounts and accidentally like the post with his main one, but this could also be him letting people know he's following the news and reading all the stuff insiders are saying. 

This would be the second time in two years that Harden gets traded away. The Beard left the Houston Rockets in January 2021, claiming that he didn't like the state of the team. He landed in Brooklyn and the team had a good chance to compete for the 2021 NBA championship. However, injuries hit them and prevented them from beating the eventual champions in the second round of the playoffs. 

Now, Kyrie Irving's part-time status and Kevin Durant's injury have hit the team, prompting Harden to start looking for a new team in the league. The Sixers apparently have the best chance to land the guard, but a deal is yet to be completed right now.