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Kevin Durant Likes Instagram Comment That Draymond Green Could Be Traded

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Man the Warriors are in trouble. They are struggling both on and off the court. On the court, they just got blown out by OKC at Oracle arena giving them a record of 1-5 over their past 6 games. Luckily for them, it’s still the first quarter of the season and when Curry comes back they will be a much better team.

Off the court, the drama between Durant and Draymond seems to be non-stop. Apparently, someone took a screenshot showing that Durant had ‘liked’ a photo on Instagram saying that if DeMarcus Cousins was healthy when he came back, that would lead to Draymond Green being traded.

However, there is no proof of this happening, just a picture that surfaced on Reddit.

Durant Green Cousins Trade

No smoke without fire?

At this moment, no one can't confirm that this is a real thing.

As one redditor said:

To the people upset about this being removed - as it stands there is no proof this screenshot is real. All the subsequent screenshots that were posted directly as i.reddit posts were auto removed due to subreddit settings.

We're going to leave this up for the time being but note that there is a fair chance this is fake. But we will be locking it until verified.

Hopefully, for Warriors fans this is fake and Durant was telling the truth when he said that he and Draymond had patched things up. The Warriors are praying that Curry comes back sooner than expected so that all this drama will be behind them and they can concentrate on trying to win 3 titles in a row.