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Kevin Durant Likes Tweet Saying "Let Him Leave in Peace," And People Are Freaking Out About It

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is at it again on Twitter. Only this time, instead of clashing with a fan, he's clashing with the media. And while that in itself is nothing alien to us, it could hint that he's getting ready to leave the Warriors.

Here's what I mean.

One of Durant's most recent likes was a tweet that said "The media seems more about this than the actual team. Stop bothering him about it and let him leave in peace."

And while it isn't overwhelming evidence that he's already made up his mind on a departure from the Warriors, the timing certainly makes it feel that way. This coincides with the Knicks seemingly gearing up for something big -- like they know they're about to get a big name star. What if that star is Durant?

This Twitter activity will be added with the rest of the evidence, and we'll see Durant's intentions in just a few months.

Still, if you're a Warriors fan, this can't be good news for you.