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Kevin Durant Makes His Pick For The 2020 NBA Champions

(via Clips Nation)

(via Clips Nation)

The 2019-20 NBA season has certainly been a weird one. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the BLM protests, things have been far from what we've been used to.

But even amid all that is happening, the NBA is raging on in Orlando and the season is continuing to play out as the days move on. And as the end draws near, many have made their picks as to who they believe will be hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy come this postseason.

Kevin Durant is the latest to make a prediction and in a guest appearance on ELITE Media Group’s ‘Play For Keeps’ podcast, he shared who he thinks will be the last two teams left...

“If I could choose, I would go Clippers-Bucks for the championship and I’ll go with the Clippers [winning it all].

“They’re just so deep. I think once they figure out — because it feels like they haven’t had their team together at once yet for a long period of time — that talent is just undeniable to me when you have PG [Paul George] and Kawhi [Leonard] at the wings. That’s what you need to win is wings. You got those two at the wings arguably the top three, top four at the wing position on one team. And then you have the two best bench scorers — well not the two best, but the best combo, they perfectly fit with the big and guard — they play off of each other well.

“And then you have moving parts like a Marcus Morris, who started on other teams, Reggie Jackson, who was a starter, Landry Shamet, who is a sniper, JaMychal Green, Joakim Noah, he’s giving you solid minutes. They can go 11-deep. Zubac, too. They’ve got like 11 players that actually can play and you wouldn’t mind putting on the court and playing.

“They all wanna win. Pat Bev, I forgot about Pat Bev! Their whole team can play in a playoff game.”

However controversial they may be, KD's words ring with truth. With PG, Kawhi, Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley, and Marcus Morris, the Clippers probably have the deepest roster in the NBA. Lined deep with scorers and defenders, they'll be pretty hard to stop when the playoffs roll around.

As for the Bucks, there's no real sign that any other team out East is capable of beating them in a seven-game series. Giannis is the runaway favorite to win MVP and the system the team runs around him is pretty tough to stop.

All-in-all, Kevin's predictions aren't exactly bold. But, non-surprisingly, it's lacking any kind of love for LeBron and the Lakers.

We'll see soon enough if that's the right call.