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Kevin Durant May Leave Golden State To "Escape From The Shadow" Of Steph Curry

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, at 30-years-old, is playing some of the best basketball of his career. He's a 1ox All-Star, 2x NBA Champion, and is widely regarded as the second best player in the entire NBA.

But make no mistake, the Warriors are Steph Curry's team. He's the guy that was there from the beginning. He's the guy that's almost impossible to hate. He's the guy with the transcendent game, a game that literally changed the game of basketball. He's the guy that the fans want to see, the guy that gets them roaring after every made three-pointer.

No matter what Durant does, how good he is, he'll never capture the hearts of the people in Oakland the way Steph does.

And with free agency looming for Durant, it's this reality that may push him out of town for good.

(per Frank Isola of The Athletic)

“The dark horse is the Los Angeles Lakers, who struck out on Paul George and Leonard last summer and failed to acquire Davis before the trade deadline. The feeling is that if Durant were to leave the Warriors he would do so to escape the shadow of Stephen Curry. So joining LeBron in L.A. doesn’t make sense.”

When you think about it, what other top-tier star has to play in shadow as big as the one Durant plays in? Kawhi, LeBron, Harden... those guys are all able to shine in their respective teams. While it must be nice having a guy in Curry who can take the pressure off, it also must get discouraging to be as good as he is, yet be somewhat behind the scenes.

It's why so much speculation has been made about Durant's potential departure this summer.

Meanwhile, in a place like New York, with the Knicks, all eyes will be on him.