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Kevin Durant Mocks PJ Tucker On Instagram: "You Look Like My Son In This Pic, Congrats Tho"

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Even though he's not mentioned often, it's pretty safe to say that P.J. Tucker is one of the most impactful players around the NBA. He can guard one through five, he's strong enough to hold his own vs. big men, and he's a fierce competitor.

That's why it was such a huge signing for the Miami Heat right after he won the NBA Championship with the Milwaukee Bucks after years of falling short in the playoffs.

Tucker shared a heartfelt message saying goodbye to the Milwaukee Bucks and the fanbase, thanking them for their support and all they went through last season:

"Wow.. I’m still a little lost for words to be honest. Still in shook but it is what it is. Today took a hard turn on the road of my career but like my grandma used to tell me.. all you can control is what you can control. With that being said Milwaukee.. the city of MILWAUKEE!!!! You will never fully understand what y’all mean to me. Our time together however short will hold some of the best memories of my life forever. You took me in and had my back throughout our journey and I will FOREVER be grateful and hold you near to my heart. I can’t thank y’all enough.. WE WILL ALWAYS BE DAWGS! 🖤 #historyinthemaking #wesomedawgs4L" Tucker wrote on the caption.

One of the pictures shows him face-to-face with Kevin Durant in their now-famous altercation during the playoffs. So, as you'd expect, Durant didn't hesitate to make a little fun of him on the post:

"Can’t front, u lookin like my son in this pic. Congrats tho broski," Durant replied.


While some may believe that Durant is trying to take a shot at him, they've both admitted that they're actually pretty cool with each other, so it's nothing more than a friendly jab between colleagues.

Now, Durant and Tucker will meet again multiple times next season, and some even believe that Nets and Heat could star in next year's Conference Finals. So, who knows? Maybe we'll get another picture then.