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Kevin Durant On Draymond Green: "Our Relationship Was Pretty Perfect Until We Had An Argument On The Court In LA... I Understood Why It Was A Big Deal Since We Were Champions.”

Draymond Green: “Kevin Durant Is The Best Scorer Ever. Not Even Close.”

When Kevin Durant decided to join the Golden State Warriors in 2016, the rest of the league was terrified. I mean, they were adding one of the greatest players ever to a team that was coming off a 73-9 season and a trip to the NBA Finals.

Durant's arrival to the Bay had the impact everybody expected, if not bigger. The Warriors were an almost unprecedented offensive juggernaut that looked poised to dominate the NBA for a decade. Then, that infamous fight between Draymond Green and Durant made it all go downhill.

In fact, KD recently acknowledged in 'The Corp' podcast that his relationship with Green was pretty solid before that discussion and that it obviously made him wonder whether his time at the Bay was coming to an end:

“Our relationship was pretty perfect until we had an argument on the court in LA. After that, media members just wanted to get deeper into the story and figure out why that happened," Durant said.

The 2-time Finals MVP went on to blame the media for blowing things out of proportion. He said it was overwhelming and only contributed to his separation from the group:

"Once you wanna go deeper into that, thousands of media members that are trying to dissect a story, it can get overwhelming at times. Especially for the rest of the guys on the team. I understood why it was a big deal since we were champions. But that was the first blow up (when) everybody looked at us as a perfect. That’s how basketball is, that’s how sports is. You get into it, you move on and figure it out," he concluded.

Either way, Durant's run with the Warriors was funny as hell. We got to see one of the greatest, most dominant teams ever and they made it to 3 straight Finals with 2 rings to show for it. Hopefully, he and Green will go back to being buddies one day.