Kevin Durant On Draymond Green's Impact On His Career: "I Wanted Somebody On The Bench Just Looking At Me And Be Like ‘What Is This N** Doing.'”

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Kevin Durant’s stint with the Golden State Warriors was remarkable, to say the least. He helped them win a couple of NBA Championships, won 2 Finals MVP, and they made the Finals 3 years in a row.

Nonetheless, some people prefer to talk about how things ended rather than about how incredible that run was.

Durant’s infamous on-court fight with Draymond Green and his departure to the Brooklyn Nets kind of tainted the things they accomplished, but it’s pretty clear that both Green and him have moved on from that impasse.

In fact, Durant recently opened up on Draymond’s impact on his career, claiming that he had never had a teammate that could hold him accountable and give him some input about his game:

“My first year with the Warriors he put that s***, and I was like okay. I was like I needed that. When I was in OKC, I never had nobody that was like, that was watching me much to say like that… I wanted somebody on the bench just looking at me and be like ‘what is this n**** doing,” Durant said in an interview for Millon Dollarz Worth of Game.

It’s nice to see that these two were able to bury the hatchet and that they give each other their flowers when they had to. Regardless of what happened or how things ended, both clearly elevated each other’s games.

Now, Durant continues to prove that he’s perhaps the greatest pure scorer in NBA history, and while the talent and hard work is all his, some of that could have to do with Green’s input.