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Kevin Durant On His Return To Toronto: "Last Time I Played Here Was One Of My Lowest Moments As A Basketball Player..."

Kevin Durant

As a member of the Golden State Warriors in 2019, superstar scorer Kevin Durant suffered a brutal injury by tearing his Achilles tendon during the NBA Finals. It was a dark moment for Durant and, at the time, it was seen as the beginning of the end of his career.

Years later, as an MVP candidate with the Nets, Durant finally returned back to that place for the first time since his injury.

He talked about it after walking out with the 116-103 win on Sunday.

(via Matt Brooks)

Kevin Durant on Toronto: "Last time I played here was one of my lowest moments as a basketball player, but it was good to come back here and play and get a W."

An Achilles tear is one of the worst injuries an athlete can experience. The recovery process is long and most players never return the same.

For KD, there were no warnings or red flags. It was just a normal day... until it wasn't.

"Checked every box before the game," said Durant. "did my whole routine. I was in it, my J feelin' nice, I'm hitting straight bottom. I'm pulling up on the break. I felt like I was back at the park, step back real hard & then it was like boom. It was like a pop. It felt like I was walking downhill."

Amazingly, Durant has come back stronger than ever.  Despite suffering that Achilles tear, he's on track to be an MVP candidate this season, with averages of 28.3 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 5.2 assists per game on 56% shooting.

Without Kyrie Irving and with a struggling James Harden, he has led the Nets to a 7-3 record and an admirable standing in the East.

Going forward, there's really no telling what else he'll be able to do.

And that fact that it's all coming after a major injury just makes it all even more impressive...