Kevin Durant On If His Good Individual Performance Made Him Feel Better About The Loss: "Not At All."

Kevin Durant On If His Good Individual Performance Made Him Fell Better About The Loss- "Not At All."

Kevin Durant was already a 2x NBA Champion before making his way to Brooklyn in 2019.

With such an extensive history of greatness, he signed with Brooklyn fully expecting to compete for another title. And, until the end, he and his team were fighting.

But after losing Game 7 to Milwaukee, in the Eastern Semis, the Nets are being sent home in the second round, a reality that KD is not too happy about.

Speaking after the loss, Durant commented on if his great individual numbers did anything to sweeten the defeat. Of course, he denied that it had any impact:

Durant has always played well when the stakes have been highest, but he doesn't elevate his own numbers to the top of his priorities.

In OKC, Golden State, and Brooklyn, he has done whatever was needed to put his team in a position to win. He has sacrificed and adapted his game to the moment.

So it is clear that the guy cares about winning more than anything else.

But the question now is, can he win with the Nets? The talent of the roster certainly seems to imply yes, but things aren't always that simple.

Next year, Brooklyn hopes for a better result.