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Kevin Durant On If LeBron Influences His Decisions: "F*ck No"

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

Kevin Durant is one of the most dominant players of the modern era, with 2 Championships, an MVP, and 2 Finals MVP's to prove it. But for as good as Durant is, he has always lived behind the shadow of LeBron James. He has always been #2.

Some think that this reality influenced his decision to move to Golden State -- as a sort of way to get in front of The King.

But, according to the 7-foot star himself, his decisions do not rely on anybody else.

(via u/urasha)

Me: Did LeBron have any influence on your moves?

KD: Fuck no lol what Bron gotta do with me

Me: There's a lot of parallels between y'all my man, him joining Miami to form the big 3, vs you joining GSW to form a big 4 even in that WSJ piece you mentioned that you even thought about returning to OKC but you didn't like how you were received by fans & all, which is similar to what Bron did doing back to Cleveland, so I thought if you were influenced ever by his moves.

KD: Look. Ima let u know this, I’m in search of experiencing everything as an nba player, I’m in search of becoming the flawless as a basketball player. I don’t care what jersey I have on, I want those things before I retire so if it’s not in one place then I’m gonna try in another spot. But each stop I learn more and take it to the next. It’s called evolution. Bron has nothing to do with that.


Durant cites evolution as the force responsible for his basketball moves, but is that really the case? Durant admitted that he wants to become a great player, but how great can he be if his legacy is always intertwined with that of LeBron's?

In Brooklyn, the former MVP will be out to tweak and "evolve" his game even further. We will see where that leads him in time but, for now, he will have to work on his recovery back to the basketball floor.