Kevin Durant On James Harden's Hamstring Injury: "S**t Sucks."

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Kevin Durant On James Harden's Hamstring Injury- "S**t Sucks."

The Brooklyn Nets were able to walk away with a victory on Saturday, taking Game 1 over the Milwaukee Bucks in a rather impressive fashion.

Still, the day didn't come without bad news for Brooklyn.

Early in the first quarter, James Harden went down after re-aggravating his hamstring. While no timetable has been set for his return, there is a belief it could cost him a few games or even the rest of the series.

In response to the news, Kevin Durant issued the following statement after the game:

"S--t sucks. It sucks," Durant told reporters. "It sucks. Because I want him to be out there. I know how much he cares. I know how much he wants to be in this moment. It sucks. Wish him a speedy recovery. ... It's just a bad break."

Obviously, Harden going down gives the Bucks a window of opportunity. If they can win one or two games in his absence, it could be enough to give them the edge in the series.

But we don't yet know what Harden's status is, so all Milwaukee can really do is gameplan as if he is going to be there.

Regardless of how it goes, it's going to be an interesting series to behold.