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Kevin Durant On Kyrie Irving’s Clutch Performance Vs. Miami: “He Works On All Those Shots Every Day. He Comes In With That Mentality, Especially Late In Games, He’s Going To Have To Knock Those Down For Us. He’s An All-World Player. He’s A Great Teammate.

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Even though he's earned a bit of a tough reputation over the past couple of years around the NBA, there's no denying Kyrie Irving's talents or clutch genes.

Every time the game's on the line, you can trust Kyrie to take matters into his own hands and knock down big shot after big shot. It's been like that since he entered the league.

Last night, his 'clutchness' was at a full display once again, as he scored 18 points in the fourth quarter to rally and lead the Brooklyn Nets to a close win over the injury-depleted Miami Heat, scoring some huge buckets down the stretch and getting a lot of praise from Kevin Durant:

“You see how special, talented, & hardworking Kyrie is. He works on all those shots every day. He comes in with that mentality, especially late in games, he’s going to have to knock those down for us. He’s an all-world player. He’s a great teammate," Durant said after the game.

The Nets still have a lot of things to figure out if they want to fulfill their true potential and be a legit Championship contender. They have historically-great offensive talents but seem thin in terms of depth and need to get some stops to have a chance in the playoffs.

At least, they have three reliable scorers they can lean on when things get tough, and there's no defense on earth that could contain James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving all on the same night.