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Kevin Durant On LaMelo Ball Playing Overseas Instead Of Going To College: "Going Overseas, Going Pro, And Learning The Game Early Is Definitely More Beneficial."

(via Toowoomba Chronicle)

(via Toowoomba Chronicle)

LaMelo is drawing a lot of attention in the 2020 NBA preseason. He's not posting the best numbers but is showing flashes of the player he can be for the Charlotte Hornets. LaVar Ball's goal was to get his three sons into the NBA and until last week, he had success at that. The Detroit Pistons waived LiAngelo Ball before the preseason, ending his really short-lived tenure in the NBA. However, he still has Lonzo and Melo in the league, and the latter is getting plenty of praise around the association.

Melo has an advantage over the rest of his class: he already played professional basket. Even though it was overseas and knowing that more players like Killian Hayes or Deni Avdija also played pro ball in Europe, Melo landed in the league as a big prospect with huge expectations around him.

Going pro before most players in his class is an advantage for him, according to Kevin Durant. The Brooklyn Nets superstar recently talked about the youngest Ball brother and his decision to go pro a year before the rest of his peers. KD explained that his decision would be more beneficial for him.

“It doesn’t really matter if you’re that good, to be honest," Durant said on "The ETCs" podcast.

“It’s just a decision if I want to make some money or not. At that point, you’re going to be the best player in every team you play on and you’re just waiting for a year to get to the league. So I think either route is cool. LaMelo would have been great for the whole country, playing at college for a year. Obviously, that would have made him a lot of money that would have bought them a lot of views and eyes on the game.

“But going overseas, going pro, and learning the game early is definitely more beneficial. Coming a bit more mature than some of your peers. I think that helps as well,” he explained.

Melo is ready to become a star in the league. He still has a lot to learn and improve but the time he spent in Lithuania and Australia certainly helped him arrived in the league with a different perspective. This player is expected to be better than his eldest brother and lead the Hornets in a very interesting NBA season.