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Kevin Durant On LeBron James After 2017 NBA Finals: “He’s The Only One I’ve Looked At Since 2012, He’s The Only Guy Who Can Look Me Eye To Eye”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant and LeBron James have rivaled to see who is the best player in the NBA since the former made it to the league in 2007. KD and James have clashed a total of three times in the Finals, with LeBron winning their first duel, while KD won the next two with the Golden State Warriors.

The comparisons between these two have never stopped and their rivalry was bigger than ever during the 2017 NBA Finals, when KD dominated the series, taking home his first of two Finals MVP awards. He made some impressive plays during that series, especially against Bron, who couldn't do much against the Warriors. Following the fifth game of the 2017 Finals, which meant the first NBA title for KD, he talked about LeBron, his battles and the respect they have for each other.

KD made it clear that James is the only player he looked at since 2012 when the King beat him and the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games.

"He's the only person that I was looking at since 2012," Durant said, per the NBA on TNT on Twitter. "He's the only one that I looked at and said, 'He's the only guy that can look me eye-to-eye.' And I knew it was gonna be a battle. I was trying to challenge him. He averaged a damn triple-double. Can't stop the guy. But we battled, and I told him, 'We tied up now.'

As Durant said, the series even his personal matchup with LeBron. One year later, he would sweep the King in the Finals after a terrible blunder by JR Smith in Game 1.

Next season, KD would face LeBron once again in the Finals, but this time he will be with the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving while James will be with the Lakers and Anthony Davis.