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Kevin Durant On The First Time He Saw Stephen Curry: "I Thought He Was White”

Kevin Durant On The First Time He Saw Stephen Curry: "I Thought He Was White”

After losing to the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs, Kevin Durant made up his mind to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder in hopes of winning an NBA championship. The following summer, KD joined forces with Stephen Curry and donned a GSW uniform for the next three years of his career.

During his stint with the Dubs, the duo of Curry and Durant was indeed too much for the league and they ran the league. Durant fulfilled his wish of becoming an NBA champion, at the cost of becoming a villain for the league, though. 

Now, the two superstars have gone their separate ways and if they meet in the playoffs, it will be in the NBA Finals. In an interview during the release of NBA 2K15, Durant talked about what he thought of Steph when the two stars met for the first time, before even playing in the league.

"I was about ten years old and our AAU team was playing in Charlotte and it was just one like I thought he was white [Steph laughs]. There was a yellow kid right. Let's be real now right. Where I come from, we don't see them light skin guys, it's all guys like me so I walk into the gym and this guy puts his stuff across half court and just put up a jump shot and I was like he's not making it, splash. ... I was like who is this and 10 years later that's right Steph Curry. It's crazy how you cross paths with these guys when you are kids and you don't know and you know he's just playing the game and it was pretty cool to see him you know at that age."

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When the Golden State Warriors dynasty was ruling over the league, it was an amazing sight. But most people started to develop hate for Durant as he imbalanced the power in the league. At the same time, it was breathtaking to see him and Curry casually defeating teams each night.

The two are now playing for different teams, but they must still share a friendly bond, at least off the court. Because once the game begins, each player is playing to help their team win.