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Kevin Durant On Where He Ranks Kobe All-Time: “Top 5”

(via the Committed Generation)

(via the Committed Generation)

Kobe Bryant is one of the best players to ever exist, that much is certain. But where he ranks among the GOATS is much more a matter up for debate. While some are reluctant to put the Mamba in their Top 10, others have him amongst the Top 5.

Kevin Durant, a 2x NBA Champion, aligns his opinion with the latter. In a discussion on twitter, Durant was asked where he ranks Kobe All-Time, to which he gave an interesting response.

Looking into more of the context behind the conversation, Durant was explaining how stats and numbers should not be the overarching measure of one's talent on the basketball floor. In his view, the eye test matters, and some players are just better than what the box score makes them out to be.

In this case, for Kobe, it makes sense. Though he lacks some of the accolades and statistical highs of some other legends, he was a different breed on the basketball court. Things like mental attitude, approach to the game and leadership cannot be taken into account by numbers.

The question is, how would Durant apply those standards to himself?