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Kevin Durant On Winning Championships With Warriors: 'Wipe The Tears'

(via Chicago Tribune)

(via Chicago Tribune)

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the NBA, and that much is no question. He's a two-time Champion, 1x NBA MVP, 10x All-Star, and career 27-point-per-game scorer.

But when it comes to his legacy as an All-Time great, many still knock him for his decision to join the Warriors in 2016. A lot of people all the move "weak" and "cowardly" because instead of sticking with his team and helping them win, he left to join other stars, essentially opting for the easier route.

Still, Durant himself doesn't seem to have any regrets about the move and often fights back against those who criticize it. This was the case earlier today, as KD made waves on Twitter for flaming a fan who suggested his rings weren't as valuable as Dirk's.

Needless to say, KD has no doubts about the value of his Championships. In his mind, a win is a win and anyone who tries to discredit him are just haters and naysayers.

Some things never change and when it comes to Durant's social media activity, he doesn't hold back.