Kevin Durant Once Revealed He Used LeBron James In NBA 2K, Not Himself

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Kevin Durant is a character and that has earned him love and hate around the NBA, but there's no doubt that he's one of the most entertaining stars out there. Whenever he talks, people listen, for a variety of reasons and even more when he gets to talk about his biggest rival in the league, LeBron James.

A lot of people think these two hate each other and it's nothing like that. They've been friends for quite some time now and whenever they have the chance, they throw flowers at each other. Back in 2015, maybe without having big intentions to do it, KD paid the ultimate respect to the King by admitting he used the then Cleveland Cavaliers superstar in the popular video game NBA 2K.

During an interview on 'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon', the then Oklahoma City talked about the game, as he appeared as the cover athlete. Durant was asked if he played as himself and his response was really good (1:07 mark).

"No, that's kind of arrogant," he said.

Then, Fallon tried to discover more about his strategies while playing the game, trying to get the name of the player KD used.

Fallon: "You have to play as you, who do you play at? Just tell me, who do you play at?"

Durant: "Alright, LeBron."

The host started laughing and so did the public. He then told Durant he would play as him in 2K, not LeBron.

LBJ and KD have a big history; they were considered the biggest rivals in the league for the most part of the last decade and this one won't be the exception. They are the only active players to have a regular-season MVP and Finals MVP, will be the captains of the All-Star Game teams, and are set to face each other in April to have their last meeting of this season.

Bron with his Lakers and Durant with the Nets are seen as serious contenders to win the NBA championship this year. It's still early to know if we'll see another edition of this rivalry in the Finals but a lot of fans want to see that.