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Kevin Durant, Paul George, And James Harden Play 1-On-1 FULL GAME

James Harden, Kevin Durant go 1-on-1 at USA Basketball practice

It was two years ago, when they were at the Team USA practices in Las Vegas and they showed us "1 on 1" game against each other.

Paul George, James Harden and Kevin Durant are amongst the best players in the league and everyone should enjoy while watching this rare video.

“It’s rare that you get this opportunity,” Harden said. “It’s all friendly, one-on-one. We’re trying to make each other better and at the end of the day, we’re friends.”

Harden, who doesn’t have much of a reputation as a defender, blocked Kevin Durant and get in his face to tell him about. You must watch this moment.

“That’s how we all started playing, just going one-on-one,” Durant said. “It’s fun, just getting to know Paul. Of course, I know James. But just competing against them. You know, we’re competitive, these last two days of playing one-on-one is just getting us all better. We respect each other a lot. There is a mutual respect for all of our games. As young guys coming up, we’re all in the same age [group] and just trying to get better. Strive to be the greatest. All of us have that goal in our heads and playing against each other only helps us.”

What do you think, who is the better player, 1-on-1, Paul George or James Harden or Kevin Durant?