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Kevin Durant Perfectly Describes James Harden's Early Struggles With The Nets Big 3

(via News Brig)

(via News Brig)

James Harden hasn't had the best start in Brooklyn, especially after Kyrie Irving returned to action with the team. The guard has had a lesser role with the team but everybody is confident he'll find his touch in no time and will propel this team to the next level.

Kevin Durant recently talked about Harden's early struggles, explaining his situation, using an interesting analogy to give Harden and the Nets fans hope for the upcoming days. For KD, the Beard only has to adapt to the system and he'll be fine.

Via Malika Andrews of ESPN:

Kevin Durant, who finished with 20 points and 13 rebounds, said Harden's performance against Miami was the "perfect balance" of scoring and facilitating. "Feels like he just transferred to a new school and he's trying to figure out the curriculum," Durant said. "And it's going to take some time to figure out who your teammates are, what your rotations are in the game, when to be aggressive, when to score, pass."

He continued: "As a scorer and the focal point of your offense, sometimes the balance between score and pass -- you got to figure that out each night."

Harden revealed he is still adapting to his new role in Brooklyn, which is completely different from the one he had in Houston. The 2018 NBA MVP is ready to make an impact on this franchise and lead them to the promised land alongside his two star teammates. Time will tell how this situation will develop but everybody is confident Harden can reach the desired level.