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Kevin Durant Picked The Clippers Over The Lakers In The Western Conference Finals



In a radio interview with EBRO In The Morning on Hot97 FM, Kevin Durant spoke on a number of topics, including the Knicks, and the details of his free-agent decisions. Among the most interesting of the topics was the state of the Western Conference this season.

For the first time in his NBA career, Durant is able to speak objectively about the West. He made a rather unsurprising prediction on who he thought would win the Conference:

“The Clippers,” said the injured Nets star, nodding when asked if he’d pick them over the Lakers in a loaded West. “I like the Clippers right now. I’m only looking at it on paper, they got more talent on the team — but you never know throughout the season.”

His main reasoning? Kawhi Leonard.

“He got the longest paragraph on the scouting report,” Kevin Durant said of Leonard. “You can’t pull out your whole array of move on him. I can, but the averaged player?… It’s still tough for me to pull out all my s**t against Kawhi.”

Kawhi and the L.A. Clippers have one of the best roasters in the league. With Kahwi, Paul George, Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, and others, they have guys who can do it all on the basketball floor.

If Kawhi can beat the Warriors with what he had in Toronto, he can certainly win with this upgraded Clippers roster.

The Lakers might have somethign to say about that, though.