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Kevin Durant Picks Boston As The One Team That Could Knock Off The Warriors


They did it again. Just when the rest of the league was regaining hope of an upset, the Warriors showed the world just how dominant they could be.

First, it was by luring in the services of DeMarcus Cousins, who will be yet another piece they'll be able to add when its all said and done.

Most recently, it was shown in Klay's record-breaking 50 point night, when he sunk an NBA record 14 threes. It was the same game that the team scored 92 points in the first half.

So far this season, it's looking like the Warriors are as unbeatable as they have ever been.

Though, if there was one team that had the best chance, it would have to be the Celtics.

"to knock us off? Boston," said Kevin Durant when asked about the team's biggest threat. "They’ve got a big man who can facilitate like Draymond. They’ve got a great coach, a great atmosphere, a great home court advantage, and they’ve got a lot of length. Those are usually the teams that give us trouble."

Hard to argue with that.

Boston has, arguably, the deepest team in the league with guys like Brown, Horford, Rozier, and Smart complimenting the main stars. They've got a brilliant coach and a winning culture. They've got it all.

And they'll need it all if they want a chance at knocking off the Warriors.