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Kevin Durant Questions If Narratives Decide A Players' Legacy More Than Their Performances

Kevin Durant Questions If Narratives Decide A Players' Legacy More Than Their Performances

Kevin Durant's legacy in the NBA is quite a complicated subject even though he has been one of the most elite scorers the game has ever seen. KD has an argument for being the most unstoppable shooter of all time but many fans actively dislike Durant for decisions he has taken across his career. 

Moving to a stacked Golden State Warriors team after he failed to lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to a series win over them has tarnished Durant's accomplishments in the eyes of several fans and media members. Even though his resume now stacks up to nearly every NBA great, the Slim Reaper has rarely received the widespread love and acknowledgment that comes with those accomplishments. 

While other superstars have remained aloof from the opinions of the fanbase in the past, Durant has actively engaged fans on social media and off of it. The criticism, which is often exaggerated and at times unfair, clearly seems to have some effect on him. He recently took to Twitter to question what defined a player's legacy in the NBA, wondering how much the actual play has to do with how a player is perceived. 

"Is Legacy is more about your narrative than your actual performance?"

While Durant may be one of the greatest to ever do it, he's also very clearly a huge fan of the game which makes a question like this unsurprising. Often certain players that have a favorable narrative surrounding their career seemingly get a pass for what would be considered underperformance from a different star. 

While the question is difficult to answer, KD's legacy as a legitimate baller is unquestionable. Yes, his move to Golden State to win his rings will likely always be questioned by some but those that have been privileged enough to watch Durant play will likely only remember the ease and grace with which he plays the game and the sheer unstoppable force that he has been in his career.