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Kevin Durant Quickly Deletes Tweet Responding To Magic Johnson's Comments

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant just can’t stop. The Brooklyn Nets star has had quite a week and he doesn’t seem to be stopping right now. Following his comments on the Golden State Warriors and the time he spent there, Durant now finds himself in another altercation.

The Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson recently discussed these comments, wishing Durant to find happiness, as he doesn’t conceive how he could leave a team where he won two titles, winning two Finals MVP in the process.

“I hope that he finds happiness. If you can’t find happiness at Golden State, where are you going to find it at?"First of all, give Steph Curry a lot of credit for saying ‘you know what, I’m a two-time MVP, I’m willing to take a backseat because I want to win. Give Klay Thompson a lot of credit – because you know whose game suffered the most? [It] was Klay Thompson."…. Kevin, if you won back-to-back titles, you’re the MVP of the Finals as well. Where are you going to find happiness at?”

Durant didn’t hesitate to reply to his comments, trying to call Johnson out on Twitter. In a tweet that he quickly deleted, Durant said:

“Horrible take. Just regurgitated bullshit.”

This guy can’t catch a break. Despite having joined the Brooklyn Nets this summer to team up with Kyrie Irving, this offseason has brought a lot of trouble for KD. He’s engaged in a back and forth with the Warriors, and that has led him to this moment, when foreign people try to give him some advice, but he doesn’t seem very open to receive it.