Kevin Durant Reacts To Anthony Davis Requesting A Trade From The Pelicans

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Kevin Durant Reacts To Anthony Davis Requesting A Trade From The Pelicans

Anthony Davis is halfway out the door of the New Orleans Pelicans and everyone is speculating where he will be traded away to.

Another superstar player who knows exactly what Davis is going through is Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors. It’s been just three seasons since Durant decided to move away from the Oklahoma City Thunder where he was drafted so he could have a better chance at success.

It’s clear that one of the main reasons why Davis is choosing now to leave the Pelicans is because he is searching for some success of his own. KD was asked about the situation where he gave plenty of support to Davis.

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"It's definitely a topic of conversation. All NBA news is. I mean it's not that serious. So it's like, why not talk about it? So AD wanting to play basketball somewhere else, it's not like the President shutting down the government. It's just basketball so of course we talk about it. We all as players, we want guys to do exactly what they want to do in this league, we have a short amount of time, so why not do what you want?"

Durant can certainly sympathize with Davis as he was highly criticized for chasing a ring when he left the Thunder for the Warriors. It may be different circumstances with Davis but there is absolutely a certain similarity between the two leaving their original teams.

With Anthony Davis at the age of just 25, he is arguably one of the most valuable players in the league right now which means there will be so many different franchises who will be dying to have the big man on their side.

If the Pelicans decide to wait until the offseason to trade Davis, they may be able to get a lot more assets from the Boston Celtics who will certainly be interested. If they choose to trade him before the deadline this February, then it’s a very good chance that the LeBron James led Lakers may be able to pick him up.

Another interesting storyline of the season is if Kevin Durant will remain at the Warriors at the end of this season or if he too will be looking to be traded elsewhere. The rumors of KD heading to Hollywood has certainly been thrown multiple times already.

The league is super unpredictable at the moment with two of the biggest names in the game having question marks over them on where they will be playing in the 2020 season.