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Kevin Durant Reacts To Steph Curry's Broken Hand

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant accomplished amazing things together in Golden State. 2 NBA Championships, 3 straight Finals, and a nightly degree of dominance became the inspiration for awe from fans all around the world.

Though their time as teammates may have passed, their respect and relationship with each other are still as strong as ever.

Durant showed a bit of that dynamic in his latest comments on the 2x MVP, showing his support after Curry's devastating hand injury.

(via USA Today)

“I’m sure he’ll be back playing again, but it was tough to see him just break his hand on TV. He’s been doing so much and the team is still transitioning and it’s a new group and a young group, so he’s trying to do so much.”

“Having him out is going to be tough for them to sustain,” Durant said. “So hopefully, he gets back and gets healthy.”

Durant knows first-hand how important Curry is for the Warriors. He sets the tone on offense and helps open up opportunities for other stars. After breaking his left hand in last night's loss against the Suns, he is expected to miss several months as he works on a recovery regimen.

Without Durant, and now Curry, the Dubs are left to make do with what little they have left. It is unlikely they will make the playoffs this year.

Nonetheless, KD is still on the sidelines wishing well for his fallen former teammate.