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Kevin Durant Reportedly Told Russell Westbrook He Was Staying Moments Before Signing With The Warriors

(via The Undefeated)

(via The Undefeated)

After 9 seasons in Oklahoma City, Kevin Durant left the franchise behind to join a superteam in Golden State. Three seasons later, and after officially moving to Brooklyn, the taste of sourness has not yet washed away from OKC.

Upon his departure in 2016, we saw his former teammates scorn at the mention of his name -- a particularly brutal reaction, even for someone that left his team in the dust.

But today, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith gave a little more insight into why the reaction from those Thunder teammates (especially Russell Westbrook) was so extreme.

According to the esteemed NBA insider, KD told some of his OKC teammates over dinner that he was not leaving. Days (maybe hours?) later, Durant apparently changed his mind and signed with the Warriors, without so much as a phone call to Russ or anyone else on the roster. That is what essentially caused so much friction between Westbrook and Durant, and why he will probably never return to play with him again. If true, a case could certainly be made that the superstar backstabbed his team by lying to their faces. It should be noted, too, that moments after the breaking story on First Take, Durant apparently got in touch with Smith, calling the report a bunch of "BS."

The move to Golden State was questionable enough by the community. The circumstances of his departure certainly warrant criticism of its own.

But when you are an MVP, 2x Champion, 2x Finals MVP, and the proclaimed second-best player on the planet, these are just the types of things you can get away with.