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Kevin Durant Responds To Bleacher Report: "45 Years Ago On This Day, Kevin Durant Left The Thunder."

Kevin Durant Responds To Bleacher Report- "45 Years Ago On This Day, Kevin Durant Left The Thunder."

It might seem like an eternity ago now, but it really wasn't too long ago that Kevin Durant was lighting it up for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In fact, his five-year anniversary of leaving the Thunder recently passed, and Bleacher Report shared a tweet about it on social media, talking about what life on the court has been like for the 2x Finals MVP.

Perhaps even more interestingly, Kevin Durant took the opportunity to mock the network.

Durant has a rather interesting relationship with the media and fans. He's never afraid to speak his mind and fight back against narratives he feels are wrong or unfair.

Obviously, in this case, he isn't a fan of looking to the past, especially one as controversial as him leaving the Thunder for Golden State.

He's on the Nets now, making the best of his current situation. "Anniversary" dates about the time he left a former team aren't something he wants to think about, and it's hard to blame him.

His time with OKC was a different era, and he's got to be tired of hearing everyone talk about it.

Regardless, we can always count on KD to be candid with the world, no matter the subject.