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Kevin Durant Responds To His Beef With Michael Rappaport: "I’m Sorry That People Saw The Language I Used..."

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Kevin Durant is under fire for a recent exchange he had with comedian Michael Rappaport, in which he sent a string of DMs talking trash, making threats, and (at one point) even including Michael's wife.

Joke or not, Durant's language is pretty alarming, and it has generated a lot of heat on social media.

Responding to the critics, Durant issued an "apology" on Thursday, stating his intent to put the situation behind him.

Durant has also apparently had a closed-door discussion with head coach Steve Nash about it.

For those that know Durant, it's not all that surprising to read his exchange with Rappaport. Since leaving Oklahoma City, he has been happy firing back at his critics and doubters, going so far as to make burner accounts in an attempt to combat them.

So, Durant clearly isn't apologizing for what he said -- only that the world got exposed to it. Still, what a man says behind closed doors is his business anyway.